The Ram 3500 is a Staple of Danville's Trucking Scene

Have you ever wondered what it is like to be completely unrestricted behind the wheel? With the Ram 3500, you no longer have to picture this potential because you can live it. The realm of heavy-duty pickup trucks revolves around enhanced capabilities, so this ride's competitors are now bowing down to its sheer muscle.

The process of hooking up a trailer has been drastically simplified by the Bed Lowering Mode, which is unlocked by adding Rear Auto-Level Air Suspension. Hassle-free attachments are a reality thanks to this streamlined high-tech mechanism. This incredibly adaptable design already facilitates exceptional adjustments for load-shifting, but now it is intuitively accommodating as well.

Meanwhile, there has been a serious demand for the Trailer Tire Pressure Monitoring feature, which built significant hype with its late availability. For maximum utility, real-time measurements are shown via an HD cluster display. Since Bob Allen Motormall is providing test-drives, there is no reason to miss this trucking masterpiece.

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