Comfortable from the inside out, the Nissan Versa is a vehicle that delivers interior features that make you feel as though you're riding in luxury. The inside of the car has been designed so that it's as upscale as possible for a sedan while using only the best materials.

The control system in the Versa isn't overly detailed, making it a vehicle that's easy to operate when you're driving in Danville, KY. Each of the front seats can be positioned in multiple ways to allow for maximum comfort whether you're driving or riding.

USB ports are located in the front of the vehicle. Voice recognition, a feature that Bob Allen Motormall can help you set up, is a feature that allows you to control the details of the navigation screen without touching anything. A rearview camera gives you a look at anything that's behind your car on the navigation screen inside the car so that you can safely reverse from where you're parked.

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