Simplicity At Its Finest

A spacious interior awaits in the Buick Enclave. The mid-size vehicle is designed with premium styling so that you feel like you're in a luxury vehicle. The center console has plenty of elbow room while driving in Danville, KY.

Flexible seating options allow for enough seating for up to seven people. There is also an abundance of cargo space for when you need to carry items in the back of your vehicle. Warm colors on the inside of the Enclave are thoughtful as they appeal to the senses.

Heated seats provide the comfort that you need while you're driving in the winter months. Front and middle seats are designed with leather. Bob Allen Motormall can offer assistance with adjusting the seats if needed. While you're driving, you can block out most of the noises from the outside world with the acoustic laminated glass and the triple door sealing. Larger pedals allow for more control while accelerating and braking.

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