Sound, Secure & Powerful GMC Sierra 2500HD

GMC Sierra 2500HD epitomizes the heavy-duty pickup concept, with gargantuan towing capabilities and a diesel engine option. But GMC Sierra 2500HD also delivers on advanced safety options, which makes us at Bob Allen Motormall even more convinced of its overall quality for the price compared to class competition.

No Drifters Allowed

GMC Sierra 2500HD boasts Lane Departure Warning, a nifty feature that helps you to avoid collisions. In a perfect world, every vehicle stays in its lane. In reality, drivers occasionally drift. If you're cruising along the highway or through Danville, and you happen to drift out of your lane unintentionally or when the turn signal isn't activated, GMC Sierra 2500HD delivers an alert, giving you an opportunity to correct your trajectory.

Feel the Vibrations

GMC Sierra 2500HD's Safety Seat Alert uses haptic vibration in the bottom of the seat as an alternative to audible crash-avoidance alerts. This ensures that even in the noisiest of conditions or in conditions when the driver's hearing is compromised, alerts still reach the driver in time enough to make safety adjustments.

Behind the wheel is the best place to see and feel the GMC Sierra 2500HD's power and safety features. Swing by our dealership today for a test drive.


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